POLLINATION: AN ART OF NATURE Imagine yourself if you were a plant. Well, you might wonder how you were born right? I mean every child does ask his/her/their parent the same question at one stage of their life. I know the answer is not what one expects but it sure does leave you puzzled for sure๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•.   Plant Reproduction is rather simple and easy to understand. Consider the seeds that come out of everyday foods to be a plants' baby and the tree from which you got it to be its parents( Yes both the parents can be in a single plant!!)  The flower is what you call the main reproductive organ or hub. It is one of the most beautiful wonders of nature.  It is basically divided into 2 parts.                                                                                                      The Male Reproductive Organ or Stamen : The easiest way to remember this is sta MEN.   It primarily consists of Anther and Filament.  The anther is simply a structure that stores Pollen Grains. Wha


THE MYSTERY OF SUNSETS IST 6:26 PM  Something was weird that day, she was taking a run like she always did. The atmosphere was warm yet breezy. Waking through a canopy of trees, suddenly something caught the bat of her eye. She saw that the sun was setting. Well, that isn't very uncanny you might say but for her, it was surely a sight for sore eyes. She scurried her way past the dense jungle, just to find that the sun had already set.   The next day she hurried her way past everything she had ever known and reached there well before time. She sat down staring at the sunset for a while and all of a sudden she realized that the sun had gone just in a fraction of a second. How is this even possible she wondered, remembering the time when she used to watch the sunrise, it always took considerable amounts of time. She decided then and there that this would have to be her new venture. She went through each and every book that there ever was and well, THE ANSWER WAS OUT. She was actually